Many elite earners who own their own business are unable to make a meaningful contribution for themselves into a combination of ERISA plans. Perhaps, ERISA coverage and contribution limitations prevent them from receiving a significant contribution based on their elite earning status

The Challenge: They are looking for a solution that will give them a significant deduction now and deferred income for later years.

The Solution: The Pass Retirement Plan Solution provides unlimited deferrals and complies with all Treasury Regulations for deferred compensation. It provides single or multiple contributions to an owner/employee with no ERISA employee coverage, contribution, or reporting requirements. A deduction is taken when contributions go into the plan and the owner/employee pays taxes when the deferred payments are received.

The funds may be invested for a market rate of return by a financial advisor or trust company approved by the owner/employee and based on their risk tolerance.

Are you a business owner who would like to relieve your tax burden?
Are you a plan administrator with clients wanting a plan that will provide significantly more deduction than an ERISA plan can provide that client?

Let Us Show You How It Works

Unlimited income deferral.

Determines how much compensation will be deferred.

Client approved investment advisor will invest the funds based on client’s risk tolerance.

Funds invested for a guaranteed or market rate of return.

Client consults with Pass Advisors and approves the future payment schedule.

Plan can not be terminated due to change of ownership.

No reliance on firm’s future ability to pay.

Defer unneeded future payments

Benefits to Firm:

Plan is fully deductible when contribution is made.

No ERISA reporting, contribution limits or coverage requirements.

No future long-term liability on the firm’s books.

No record keeping required.

No future payment obligations.