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Many famous individuals earn more from their endorsement agreements than the elite earning CEOs on Wall Street.  Those CEOs defer millions of dollars, using their company deferred compensation programs, to lower their taxes and create personal and generational wealth for them and their families.

The Challenge: Find a solution that will reduce your tax burden when you are having a great year financially and anticipate endorsement income that will only add to this year’s tax burden.

The Solution: The Pass Tax Deferral Solution lets people receiving endorsement income defer that income and the taxes to provide more significant income in the future.  You will receive customized future payment streams that can be tailored to your specific needs. Those streams of income may be guaranteed amounts backed by U.S. Treasury Bonds or a market-based investment program using your preferred investment advisor.

The Pass Tax Deferral Solution can provide the same benefits to agents, managers and legal counsel of sports and entertainment figures as well as corporations and entities who hire them.

If you tax burden is more than you like, let us show you how the Pass Endorsement Income Solution can do for you